Future Programs

» RECFT is planning to construct a Small study centre with English language laboratory / school for the poor village children as English language has become very necessary in a globalised world. We request the donors to help us to construct the same  and to  get  our dream to come alive by donating whatever possible way you can. Your timely  support will go a long way in making poor children come up in society.

» Financial support to start a Rural  Computer Education /youth computer skill programme for the  rural   youth. We are in need of 10-15 sets of computers. We seek help for this project from Corporate Companies /Institutions / Individual Donors to donate us with any of the followings like computers or finical help to setup up a computer learning centre/ staff salary/Rent for the centre/furniture etc.. We would like to welcome corporate  companies to train up the rural youth and give them  job opportunity to meet their basic needs in partaking in the social venture with our NGO.

» Financial support to execute the project on Education for all families in villages. It has  major objectives in promoting education of children, empowerment of women etc.,s Support to meet the school fees. Currently the caretakers (referrers/ relatives/ well wishers in the communities) have been lending their occasional supports.

» Support to provide school uniforms and clothes to wear for our evening study centres. the schools where our children study, do give one set of uniform as part of the contribution from the governments. We need to give a minimum of 2 sets of uniforms and 3 sets colour dress. We want to see our children in good dress, at least what is necessary and the basic minimum. We feel very sad that the children are managing with the minimum. Their care takers are also not in a position to ensure it.

 Support to circulate enough of study material and toiletry items:

» The children have been managing with the minimum study material. We were able to manage with the local contributions of the well wishers to meet the basic expenditure of study materials. Our main difficulty is to find viable source of support for providing enough study materials after receiving which our children could enjoy the fullest development.

» Support to staff for salary

Support to regular health check up and preventive treatment:


» As of today, we have doctors who offer medical consultation on concessional charges. However we have the supports of donors to meet their medicinal expenditure. Even though it is costly, we are in a position to meet out the expenditure. But we would like to promote medical intervention every month (Dental, General, Skin, Cardiac, Ortho, De-worming). We welcome like-minded Doctors to conduct free Medical camps in partaking in the social venture with our NGO.

» Financial support for strengthening of the project of “Agri Based Development Initiatives Against Poverty towards Self Reliance. The objectives are aiming at strengthening the farmers’  at micro level and to federate them at the macro level for network.

» Support for administrative expenditure of our Evening study centres/ Medical camps/ Our main concern is to meet the expenses on, documentation, communication charges, travel, Resource persons charges, auditing etc.

» Support for transportation which will make our mission more effective and specially the children could be taken to attend  special progammes, and  Medical camp, visit to Home for the aged, Rural Sports and  Games, women empowerment, AIDS/HIV and  various other community programs. This transport facility  will make our mission reach all people.  As of today we find difficult to go from one study centre to other and for other various progammes.   Sometimes  we find difficult to reach on time since we depend on local transport services as a result at times our programmes are being delayed.  If this facilities could be there our support will reach maximum people. we look forward from donors to help by finical assistance or donate a Vehicle to our NGO.

» Financial help to Old Age Homes by way of Clothes, Medicines, Food etc..