Education-Evening Study Centre

DSCN5469Childhood is an age of learning and enjoyment. Children are innocent, vulnerable and dependent. But the economic condition of the families of these poor children is very pathetic. Though many children are good in studies, they are unable to pay school fees and to buy stationery, uniform, school bags and sports items.  In our endeavour to help these poor children, we have donated money to pay their school fees and to buy stationery articles. We also donated Dress materials / uniform to these poor children. These poor children from different villages attend different schools for acquiring knowledge and various skills for their living.

The children go to school every day. When they return home, there is no one to help them to study their subjects. With a view to help these children, we started evening study centre. The children study in our centre from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. There has been improvement in the performance of these children who come to our study centre.  We teach not only the subjects but also instill social, moral and cultural values. We place high hope on these children to build a better society as the years pass by.