Rural Health Care


medicalRECFT serves  the society with Medical camp and Medicines with the help of Doctors conducting various programmes to the  people in rural areas. The rural people face some different health issues than people who live in towns and cities. Getting health care can be a problem when you live in a remote area. You might not be able to get to a hospital quickly in an emergency. You also might not want to travel long distances to get routine checkups and screenings.

Rural areas often have fewer doctors certain specialists might not be available at all. Because it can be hard to get care, health problems in rural residents may be more serious by the time they are diagnosed. People in rural areas of  Indian States have higher rates of chronic disease than people in urban areas. They also have higher rates of certain types of cancer, from exposure to chemicals used in farming. RECFT extends helping hand to the poor rural people with health care progrmmes.