man "The Rural youth of our great nation have achieved stupendous success in the fields of sports and games.  If you look at history of athletics in the country, almost all champions have hailed from the villages. Top Asian champions as well as the ones who have reached the Olympics have a rural background. Athletics talent is more prominent in the villages than in the urban areas because the main factor determining the difference is hard work which is an integral part of an athlete's training. We can always find in the mind set of rural youth in line with commitment and determination to achieve in sports and games to encourage RECFT conducts sports and games in the villages.

‘Health is wealth’ is a famous adage.  Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. It means it is beyond the absence of disease and deformity. A mentally healthy person is one who is able to think, judge and act rationally without getting disturbed emotionally and mentally. It order to have a healthy and able body and mind, RECFT had organized sports and games during the Pongal Festival for the rural school children. The students from 12 neighbouring Schools participated in the Sports and games competition.