Services to the home for the Aged


Humanity and modern life style are the heart centre of the raising of mankind's awareness to the dawn of the golden age. There is a play at hand that is pushing existence to a new place of mankind. Man is moving toward a collaboration of unity. This collective consciousness is a rising into the sun age of the golden ray. The peace and tranquility of today is rising in tomorrow. The world is moving forward in health, wholeness, embracing love and the outer world is rising to this occasion. The gifts and gates are opening to newness of globalization. As a result, the aged people admitted at OLD AGE HOME increase day by day. The primary duty of the children is to take care of the aging parents but today when see the condition of the  poor old people in the modern society find shelter for their parents in old age homes. Nevertheless, we have several Non Governmental Organisations (NGO's) that  involve in taking care of the old. In this concern, RECFT also extends his helping hand in various ways like visit and Help various Home for aged  centers by giving them Cloths, food, Medical help and has pledged to take up the cause of these hapless souls and care for them as best it can by extending helping hand as best as possible.