Women Development Programme

68Empowering women to take up challenging roles in society is our major concern. We, at RECFT, are therefore motivated to bring about change in the form of liberating women and giving them a chance to stand up and fight for their rights. Women form 50% of our human society and are basically stressed with physical, emotional and psychological due to family work and the community stress at large but they enjoy privileges less than 50%. Though they are termed as weaker sex of fair sex, they form enormous labour force to any society. Fair sex is often treated as roughly as possible.

They struggle for their rights both in the families and in the society. Empowerment process has to be focused on women so that the overall well being of the society is taken care. RECFT has taken WOMEN DEVELOPMENT and EDUCATION TO THE RURAL CHILDREN as one of the prime focus in order to empower the women in the economic, Hygiene and Health, Home making, Role of women in the society, the need for self-saving schemes, and cleanliness of the homes and the villages at large. Social, Cultural and educational aspects. The self-help groups (SHG’s) are the micro units at the village level, which gain or collect strength in the process of women empowerment.